Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


It's a funny day for gardening. I popped out just before lunch to mow the lawn, and got it just about finished before the heavens opened and I had to flee inside. Then it got even heavier, and I figured I'd try to take a few pictures. I'm not sure they quite capture it really, but at least I tried.

Out the front

Then after lunch the rain had more or less stopped, or at least nearly, letting me go put the mower away properly and Mike start attacking the small ash tree in our front garden with the secateurs. In the end we removed most of that tree (it seemed a shame to kill it completely while it's looking to healthy and happy, but it's got to go really), took the growing bit off the leylandii that was still sprouting, hacked the big rose bush back to a foot tall, trimmed the thing near the front door back out of the way, and pulled out vast handfuls of sticky weed and ivy. All rather soggily. To be honest it still looks rather a mess (failed to take before and after pics again, v silly) but it's a much *smaller* mess, and we've more of an idea of what else to do with it. This will have to wait another fortnight though, as once again we've filled the green bin to overflowing already in the space of half and hour. Ooops. We should possibly have got a big one when we moved it, but I suspect once the brutal phase is over we're rarely going to need the capacity.

Plan for rest of today is to go see Pirates again at 3:30, then out to dinner and cocktails. No particularly celebration other than pay day, but that's good enough for us. Then either later tonight or tomorrow we'l watch some more Dr Who on DVD. Foolishly we sent the last one back having not watched the last episode on it, not realising that one had 4 instead of 3. And it was a second-of-two (The Doctor Dances) and one that Mike missed when they were on the telly too, so we'll just have to get that DVD out again. Silly us. Still, I don't think it'll harm to watch the rest out of order.

Ha, here comes the rain again!

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