Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Weekend and thereafter

Friday night we stayed in and had a night so quiet I can't remember it.

Saturday we got up and pottered over to Parkers Piece for a wander round the county fair. We saw re-enacters, steam engines, sheep, pigs, harris hawks and cute collies (including excitable puppy), ate sausage-inna-bun, and pottered through the craft and food stalls. We came home with game pie, a joint of beef, some posh burgers, a bottle of concentrated sarsparilla and some expensive Italian chocolate. We'd considered going out cycling afterwards, but it was far too hot, so we spent the rest of the day quietly and watched The Bourne Identity on DVD in the evening, with our nice burgers in ciabatta buns.

Sunday we woke early, and were out the house by 9:30 on a little 11 mile loop to Waterbeach and back along the river, taking in Tesco to drop off our carrier bag mountain. (Bikely route map). It was getting fairly hot again by the time we got back (around 11) and Mike was suffering rather badly from the pollen. We had another quiet rest of day, with me bravely managing to stay awake until lunch of ham sandwiches, game pie and pickled eggs. Then Mike stuck the oven on, I gave in and had a nap, and eventually it was tea time with roast beef and roast potatoes and lovely red wine sauce, very nice indeed. We finished the evening off watching Walk The Line which we've had out on DVD for nearly a fortnight, but somehow never seemed to be in the mood for. It was most excellent anyway, and was a nice finish to the weekend.

Week so far has been fairly normal, with work and geeking and not quite enough sleep and going to finally register at my local doctor's surgery today. They were very helpful anyway. Though when I made an appointment for an hour later I made the mistake of leaving my keys at home when I came out of the house again. The doctor I saw was lovely, and took my blood pressure with a fancy new automatic machine, which really did feel like it was trying to squeeze my arm off. 135/92 - the latter figure being a little worrying, but not too much so given overweight people often have raised blood pressure, so it's probably that and not the pills. It also took my pulse as 78, which is pretty much what I'd measured it as myself the previous day. We talked a bit about the weight, and I embarrassed myself thoroughly by getting teary about it. She said I could try their nurse led clinic if I liked, but I decided to leave it for now. Perhaps there's still the hope I can get hold of this myself, but when I've already regained half of what I painstakingly lost over lent I've no confidence I can keep off any weight I lose. I have too many bad habits that I honestly don't really *want* to break.

On which cheery note I've eaten mostly sensibly today, and had two nice brisk 1 mile walks to work and back, since without my keys I couldn't get my bike out of the shed! Oops, silly me. Perhaps the exercise is more important anyway.

In Lent: lost 13 pounds in 6.5 weeks, from 17 stone 2 to 16 stone 3
Since then: gained 7 pounds in 9 weeks, back to 16 stone 10

Tags: bike, life, weight
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