Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Out on the bike again

Yesterday was lovely weather, and people on irc were talking about cycling just before lunchtime, so I decided to go out for a ride, and picked a rather experimental route out through Grantchester Meadows, then on towards Coton, turning off onto bridlepaths just before reaching it, and back along the Coton Path and via bits of the West Cambridge site. It was a nice little 8.1 mile pootle. Perhaps if it's nice next week I'll stick it together with the ride I did an earlier lunchtime through Great Shelford and make a longer loop.

In non-bike news we spent the evening with me finishing my knitting and both of us eating steak and egg and chips while watching the football. Nice.

Today being lovely Mike and I decided to take the bikes out again, but as is our usual way we didn't get out of the house until a bit after 11, heading to M&S to fetch a picnic. Still, despite the heat we managed just over 16 miles in total, with a 1 mile walk around the woods at Gog Magog Down just before lunch, and a stop in Grantchester for cider and the loo. We just headed out along Babraham Road and took the turnoff for the carpark, so it was only 4.5 miles there. We came back via Stapleford, the Shelfords and Grantchester, and then figured we'd take a longer route home than over the meadows and repeated much of the previous day's ride. We got home about 3:30, having spent all the time of the day you're supposed to stay out of the sun out of doors. But we've carefully avoided a repeat of a fortnight ago by taking it easy, wearing suncream and drinking plenty of water. A lovely afternoon.

I've added both rides to this year's tally (includes links to bikely.com maps).

A quiet night in tonight, then the plan is to get some gardening done tomorrow, head over to play bridge at Jack's in the afternoon, then try and catch 28 Weeks Later at the cinema in the evening with Mike. It's being a nice relaxing weekend, which is just what I need.

Tags: bike

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