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The plan for yesterday was to go to a BBQ and cup final watching party at the house of Mike's colleague Ian and then head back to Relativity in the evening for the house cooling party, but in the end it didn't work out like that.

Ian and Hilary live in Fowlmere, and the weather seemed to be just about amenable to cycling there, so we did. It was a nice enough ride, despite head-wind pretty much all the way there, and the sun shone on us a fair bit. We arrived, helped prepare food, had BBQ and watched the footy, and drank a little in the way of alcohol. Then when the footy finished we headed into the garden again and had a bit of a kickabout with football and frisbee. Followed by a game of mini ultimate frisbee (my team lost, but it wasn't a complete slaughter).

Basically it was a fun afternoon, but we called a halt for a break at this point, and suddenly realised it was about 7pm and we ought to be heading back to make the other party. Pete looked up the train times and we realised we had 15 minutes to get to Foxton for the one-an-hour train, so despite being rather puffed out we set off and took a pretty fast pace (for us anyway).

We arrived at Foxton before the train. Indeed we were at the station when it pulled in. The trouble was we were the wrong side of the tracks, and the barrier on the level crossing was already down when we arrived. It opened as soon as the train stopped, and we legged it through three gates across the tracks and onto the platform, only to have the train doors shut just as we reached them. Mike says if he'd been anti-social enough he could have stuck his hand in the gap as they closed.

At this point we realised we had a choice to wait a whole hour or to cycle all the way home, and that we were both feeling really quite rubbish by now: Mike enough so to need painkillers, which made me glad I'd shoved the little first aid kit in. We decided waiting was the better course, and I think we were right. We got back home about 9pm, and needing a shower before we were fit for company, and feeling really quite unwell, we ended up staying in and watching a bit of telly and getting an early night. Not at all what we'd had in mind.

Thankfully we're feeling a lot better today, though slightly foolish for having done all the wrong things and given ourselves a mild case of sunstroke. At least the touch of sunburn that went with it really only was a touch, and we're back to nearly normal colours today. I do feel sad to have missed relativity's farewell do though.

Today we're taking it easy, and celebrating 18 months since our first date by going out for lunch and a drink and to see Spiderman 3, before no doubt another early night. I feel like I need it!

Bikely route map

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