Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Highway Code part 3 - urgent action

Update: It is now too late to sign this petition, but many thanks to those who did, and don't forget you can still sign http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/roads4bikes/

Just received this from CCC. If anyone can print out, sign, and return to address by today's post that would be brilliant.

Cambridge MP David Howarth has an opportunity at very short
notice to present a petition in the House of Commons opposing the
changes detrimental to cycling in the new Highway Code that we
contacted you about last week.

Anyone can sign the petition: it is not specific to Cambridge
constituency voters.

Unfortunately though it has to be physically signed with an
original signature on the correct form. Therefore, please can
we ask you to print the form which you can find at


fill it in and send it by post *to ARRIVE by this THURSDAY morning*
at the absolute latest (Wednesday if possible) to

  David Howarth MP
  David House, Room 4/11
  Norman Shaw North
  House of Commons
  London SW1A 0AA

(n.b. not just to the usual House of Commons address, please, as that
mail would then end up back in Cambridge)

Please ask friends and colleagues who you can contact to fill in the
form as well. Please feel free to circulate this as widely as you can.

As before further details about the issue can be found at
Tags: bike, politics
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