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A weekend

On Friday night I left work early enough that I could nip into town and buy Mike an AC adapter for the distortion pedal I bought him for Christmas, since the batteries just ran down again disturbingly quickly. As a result there's been quite a bit of distorted guitar playing going on this weekend. In addition there has also been, in no particular order:

  • Pizza, garlic bread and caesar salad while watching Buffy on DVD
  • Shopping from Tesco to fill our new (second-hand) freezer
  • Mackerel and cheese on toast, which is yummy
  • Shopping from M&S because Tesco failed to bring steak
  • Homemade chicken, chick pea and spinach curry
  • A party, with extra added Eurovision, good company and much red wine
  • Blues Brothers 2000 on DVD, accompanied by Sunday Brunch
  • Much lying in and general laziness
  • Two chalet school books finished (Excitements and Coming of Age)
  • Knitting while hanging out on irc and watching Mike playing WoW and Oblivion
  • Much rain, which mostly did not land on us

There is shortly to be steak and chips and peas and peppercorn sauce, and Sleepy Hollow on Film4. On balance it has been a most excellent weekend.

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