Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Bike rides 2007

So there haven't been many yet, but we're hoping the weather is up to it next weekend. I'll continue adding as the year goes on. Here's last year's: ([2006])

Date Description Distance Links
2007-02-03 Histon, Cottenham, Landbeach, Waterbeach, back along river 16 LJ GMAP Bikely
2007-04-09 Royston, then Great Chishill, Audley End, with Tom 28 LJ GMAP Bikely
2007-05-18 Lunchtime loop through Shelford and Grantchester 9.5 LJ GMAP Bikely
2007-05-19 Cambridge to Foxton Station, via Fowlmere 15 LJ Bikely
2007-06-01 Lunchtime loop via Grantchester and Coton Path 8 LJ Bikely
2007-06-02 Cambridge to Gog Magog Down and back via Grantchester 16 LJ Bikely
2007-06-10 Waterbeach and back along the river 11 LJ Bikely
2007-07-19 Whittlesford Station to Cambridge 9.9 LJ Bikely
2007-07-23 London to Cambridge 58.9 LJ Bikely
2007-07-28 Roman Road to Linton, back via Balsham and Fulbourn 28.6 LJ Bikely
2007-08-07 Great Yarmouth to Northrepps 36 LJ Bikely
2007-08-09 Northrepps to Wells-next-the-Sea 26 LJ Bikely
2007-08-10 Wells-next-the-Sea to Kings Lynn 37 LJ Bikely
2007-08-25 Cambridge to Audley End via Great Chishill 25.5 LJ Bikely
2007-09-07 Whittlesford Station to Cambridge via Newton 11.5 LJ Bikely
2007-09-13 Loop: Coton, Grantchester and Shelford 12.6 LJ Bikely
2007-09-16 Trip to Newmarket 40.1 LJ Bikely
2007-10-14 Oakington and Cottenham loop 20 LJ Bikely
2007-10-20 Thetford Forest 23.1 LJ Bikely

RSS feed of all routes by me is syndicated as bikely_lnr, all routes based in Cambridge are syndicated as bikely_cam.

Tags: bike

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