Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A lazy bank holiday weekend

So far this weekend I've done not much but eat, sleep, read, geek and a little knitting. We've watched two films (The Importance of Being Earnest, Calamity Jane) plus a disk of Buffy season 5 and Dr Who on Saturday.

The exception was last night, when we went out to dinner at Old Orleans for an excuse to drink cocktails. To be honest it doesn't live up to the nostalgia - I remember a brilliant night in the Oxford one for Chris's 21st birthday. Still, it was nice. Afterwards we wandered towards Sainsburys, planning to pick up some more drink, but were foiled by the fact it was Sunday and not Saturday after all. (Drunk girls singing songs from Phantom on Kings Parade notwithstanding). Still, we didn't let it stop us turning up for Ernie's farewell BBQ/party. Of course turning up at 10 the BBQ was more or less done with, but it was a really nice party, and they seemed to be able to cope with two more drinkers.

It was lovely to meet Chloe, and nice to talk to lots of people, especially since I haven't seen some of them in ages. There was much guitar playing, of various standards, with cool effects. Not having played beyond a few weeks one summer as a teenager I declined to join in though. We were amazed to realise it was past 3am before we headed off home, and 4am by the time we got to bed, after a surprisingly pleasant walk home in the rain with Andrew.

As a result we failed to get up in time to join the cycling campaign's ride to Reach fair and then on to Ely this morning. It was raining anyway, so it wouldn't have been much fun. Definitely feeling a bit tired today from the late night, though surprisingly lacking in hangover, but overall it's been a lovely relaxing weekend.

Tags: life

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