Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Easter Weekend, in brief

Thursday night: decided to go out for dinner, but in the end we hit M&S in the Grafton and came home with nice food and had a picnic in the living room instead.

Friday: Spent downloading and reformatting music and cursing DRM, sorting out the "radio show" I'm putting together for part of the evening of Steph and Dave's reception. Then putting together the chest of drawers for our bedroom.

Saturday: I headed into town for a haircut and to buy underwear for the wedding, then Mike joined me for lunch at Tatties. Did the grocery shopping in Sainsbury's and dropped it at home before heading over to Rachel, Tony and Charles' party, which was excellent. Chatted to lots of people in the garden, then came in and played with the giant get-the-balls-in-the-holes puzzle, which is controlled by standing on a wobbly thing. Much amusement was had by all.

Sunday: we had a nice long lie in and spent the day lounging around pretty much - Mike spent the entire day in his dressing gown. Made some more headway on the radio show, and had a chat with mum and dad on the phone. Lots of curry for tea while watching the repeat of Dr Who.

Monday: the plan was to join Tom in a bike ride, but Mike's bike sadly gave up the ghost before we'd got any further than Maid's Causeway. He was very insistent I should carry on and enjoy the sunshine though, so Tom and I headed onwards, with a route which took us up chapel hill and down the other side past the cement works into Barrington - and I managed to get up the hill this time. Then on through Shepreth and Meldreth and Kneeworth to the A1198 for a mile or so into Royston. Then about 4 miles of mostly climbing (the worst bit of which I gave up and walked up) until we reached Great Chishill and had an excellent lunch in the garden at the Pheasant. After that itt turned out to be mostly gently downhill as far as Audley End station, where I left Tom to continue and caught the train home: I was knackered, the weather was turning much greyer and I felt mean leaving Mike home alone for too much longer. Route: [GMAP]. Still it gave time for a shower and a nap before pizza, which was fun - not been for ages. And then home to read for a bit before an early night.

Excellent weekend, but I feel pretty rough today. I think partly it's just my lungs protesting after the work-out I put them through yesterday, so hopefully it'll pass soon. Only a 3 day week this week, then off up north for the wedding, which I'm really looking forward to!

Tags: bike, easter, life

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