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Lent / Happy Easter

As previously described I gave up alcohol and junk food for lent. So no cakes, biscuits, sweets, pastries, pizza, chocolate, etc etc for 6 and a half weeks. I made 3 exceptions: a glass of pink bubbly on my sister's hen-night, a half of guinness and chinese out on the day we moved house (which was also St Patrick's day), and a packet of crisps and some biscuits when I gave blood, because they're there for a specific reason.

This morning I am 13 lbs lighter than I was on the morning of Ash Wednesday.

It seems to have worked so well for me I intend to continue, but not to include holidays and weekends. I can't deny it was nice to have a pain au chocolat for breakfast though! Happy Easter! (And *hug* for those for whom it's being a sad one).

Tags: easter, lent, life, weight

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