Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Stuff for sale

Belkin Wireless Desktop Card, as sold here:


Bought from PC world, I carefully checked I had a free PCI slot before
removing the shrinkwrap, but then realised I'd forgotten it was a low
profile case.

I paid 24.99.  I've seen it cheaper online (as in that link) but once
you include VAT and delivery I can't find anywhere that's actually a
better price.

Yours for 20 quid, save a fiver from my stupidity.

I recently moved house, and to make it much easier I purchased myself a
set of cardboard boxes especially designed for the purpose.  Their
labelling and easy stackability made the move go much quicker, and they
were highly praised by the friends who helped us move.

I bought a moving kit, of 10 large boxes and 10 smaller boxes for heavy
items, which came with one media storage box:


and also a pack of 5 further media storage boxes:


for a total of about 45 pounds.

These boxes have all been used once, and then carefully opened and
flatpacked again, and are ideal for reuse for moving.  They even have a
second set of unused tick-boxes to indicate which room they're for.  All
you would need would be two rolls of strong packing tape.

And I can throw in the black marker pen and the packing paper, which
while used has been carefully flattened again and would still be good
for packing crockery and glasses.

Asking 15 pounds or nearest offer for the lot, but I'm afraid I can't
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