Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Packing progress

  • 4 medium boxes fiction books
  • All boxes and empty bookcases and CD racks moved out to garage
  • 1 medium box school fiction (and Enid Blyton)
  • 1 medium box music and magazines and filing.
  • 1 plastic crate booze

Having filed all the paperwork on Friday made it much easier to pack, though I did spend a couple of hours going through my old MSc notes. In the end I threw away anything that wasn't an assignment, leaving 2 A4 folders and 2 notebooks, much improved. All rubbish so generated is now filling the green bin. And I've also been through the airing cupboard and sorted the sheets and towels and moved mine into some of the space cleared in my room, ready for the next batch of packing. And I've made a start on writing moving cards.

That's all the medium boxes (10) full. And the small boxes (6) were all filled together, there are 8 empty big boxes left, and then I might need to resort to the odd shaped ones in the garage left from when we moved here. Buying a packing kit was definitely worth it, even if it cost a fair bit and the book boxes are a bit on the heavy side.

We're counting down in days now. Only 12 days left in this house.

Also this weekend watched more Dungeons and Dragons on Friday, did some shopping and then had lunch while watching the football at the Burleigh Arms on Saturday, and had a nice roast for lunch on Sunday.

Tags: house, life, packing

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