Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Address book maintainance

I've just been looking through my addressbook, with the plan of sending out change-of-address notices. I've dropped emails to several people, but there are lots of people I know whose addresses I don't have. Anyway whether you want a card or not it would be really useful to have people's address details, so I'd appreciate it if you could fill out this poll, or leave a comment (screened, anonymous comments welcome if you've not got an LJ account).

Poll #934903 Please tell me your details for my addressbook.

Postal address:

Preferred email address:

Mobile number:

Landline number:

Do you want a card with my new address?

don't care

Do you like getting postcards?

don't care

Oh, and my current details are here (friends-locked) and will be updated after I move.

Edit: Can anyone who fills this in from now on who would like a card also leave a comment, I won't be checking back for the poll results again before I send them, but I do get the comments mailed to me.

Tags: addresses

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