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Mailed my mum and dad with the URL of this entry. Got a couple of longish replies back from my mum, which basically said she thought I deserved better and that it sounded like a fairly unequal sort of arrangement given it was initiated by Richard mostly, but that she was glad to know another factor about why I was feeling down and that if anything she'll worry less about me as a result. She does just want me to be happy. She thought my dad was likely to be angry, but he hasn't commented himself yet. Overall not too bad I think.

Bad timing Richard wanting to spend tonight with Vicky since I'm a bit wibbly, but it does mean I should get to see kitty_goth this evening as he is apparently visiting Cambridge. Must be more than 5 years since I saw him last I think, as I was still going out with damerell back then. Strange how time flies.

Bike puncture not fixed: decided I could pump it up enough to get into work and bring the pump with me and repeat on the way home. Slightly awkward given we only have a big track pump but it more or less fits in my rucksack with only a few inches sticking out the top. I'll fix it properly at the weekend. Blistered foot being a nuisance, but not too awful. Feeling knackered from two nights of not sleeping well. Work a bit unmotivated but probably just from the tiredness. If I just could have a bit more sleep I think I'd be feeling pretty dapper really.
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