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What have I been up to?

OK, so I can't remember much of what I've been doing up until last weekend, other than watching a lot of Buffy (now finished season 2) and eating out quite a bit. Had a pleasant afternoon playing bridge over at Jack's a couple of weekends back, did I mention that already? And I think the preceding Friday Mike and I had dinner at Anatolia, which was very pleasant if rather mad actually getting a table. Going out spontaneously for dinner doesn't work too well at 7:30pm on a Friday.

Anyway last wednesday Mike and I (as you can tell from the previous entry) finally got our arses in gear and went to look at a house we'd found via the Cambridge Accommodation Noticeboard, and decided it was just our cup of tea. We emailed the landlord on Thursday and agreed we'd like to take it, and he said he'd get back to us by Monday. We were so chuffed at the idea of actually getting our arses into gear about moving that we went out to dinner to celebrate anyway, and had lovely chinese at Hakka on Milton Road - it's come a long way from the melamine fast-food style tables of when it first opened.

Not knowing til Monday meant I spent the whole weekend wishing it was Monday already, though I didn't let that stop me having fun. We went to see Ezio at the Boathouse on Friday evening after fast food at Nando's and that was nice. Less Mike's cup of tea than mine but he did have fun, and ernie was nice company too - he's written it up already so I won't say more. Saturday morning I spent tidying the house quite thoroughly and then we headed off on the coach (£9.50 return for both of us) to Oxford for dinner at the Golden Cross pizza express (of fond student memory) and Jan and Owen's excellent housewarming. We didn't stay late enough for the music, which was a shame, but wandered off to Chris's to sleep, and had a nice long chat with Chris, Kathryn and Peggy on Sunday morning before getting back on the coach home again. If anyone else wants Keep Mordor Tidy badges I have a handful - though one is reserved for Vicky. All that travel does eat rather a hole in your weekend!

On Monday afternoon I finally got the email I was waiting for, and we're just waiting for my work reference to come through before we sign the contracts. This meant time for celebration again, so we wandered into town and discovered La Tasca have an all-you-can-eat offer for a tenner on a Monday night, which suited us just fine. Mmm nice food.

Tuesday I waited in for the estate agent to come round and value this place - nice chap. He emailed me on Wednesday and it seems it's worth a little more than upmystreet valued it at, which rather caught us by surprise but hopefully isn't enough to derail the whole thing. I spent the evening at Mike's with nice food watching Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason on the telly. Having the news in the middle is a real nuisance!

And this evening I'm having a quiet night in. I tried to make a start on transferring the utilities into Richard's name rather than mine, but it seems this is easier said that done. British Gas is in both names and is paid from an account in both names, but it seems they can't simply take my name off the bill and carry on otherwise the same - this isn't financially secure in some way, so instead I have to close the account, get a final bill forwarded to my new address (which I don't live at yet) and let Richard open a new one. And obviously they don't want to do that when I haven't moved out yet. Gah. Still, other than that I'm in a good mood, and I've listed a couple of things on ebay: spare gig ticket and a pair of boots I just bought that don't fit me. Hopefully they'll sell and I won't be out of pocket.


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