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Public Service Announcement for Cambridge people

If you're not already aware both FCC (Kings Cross services) and One (Liverpool Street) have suspended train services between Cambridge and London. This is sad, as I was hoping to get to a gig tonight, but just one of those things. Fallen trees and overhead line damage are the main culprits, and that's kind of to be expected when you've got winds gusting up to 80mph (Half hourly weather figures for Cambridge today)

There were problems on the M11 earlier too. And of course it's scary out there if you're cycling. Not the best day for travelling really. Now I just need to decide whether to cycle or get the bus home :-)

It's a shame about the gig though. Justin Currie ex of Del Amitri is doing his first solo tour and I was really looking forward to it. My mum and dad saw him in Manchester last night and it was apparently an excellent night. Oh well, there'll be other tours I'm sure.

Tags: gigs, trains, weather

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