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I've just been whinging at Amazon for the fact they said they were going to dispatch my 5 CDs more than a month in the future, despite them all being in stock. I'd even tried switching to first class and back to free delivery and it didn't make any difference. Then I tried seeing what it would be like with Express Delivery. Decided it wasn't worth 8 quid, but when I switch back to free delivery again suddenly the dispatch date was January 11th. Maybe I won't have to wait forever for them after all.

A discussion on irc of famous people you want to school with led to a bit of Googling. I can't find any proof that Blue Peter Presenter Mark Curry went there, though I'd always heard it was true. I did however find the website of The Music who I think were around Emily's year, maybe younger. I once wrote a book for the brother of one of the members of the band. Well, a spiral bound hand-illustrated short story. Rather plagiarised from little shop of horrors really.

Still, the special edition of their second album was dirt cheap from an amazon reseller, so I seem to have indulged.

  • The Music - Welcome To The North

I expect it'll probably arrive before the others do.

Edit: Oooh, and John Finnigan (Finnegan?) from my form is still playing football, currently apparently captaining Cheltenham. I remember him getting the place in Notts Forest's junior team. I've played footie with him I have (at Junior School). And Danny Orr was in Steph's form and is a pretty good rugby league player, having at one point been the youngest super league team captain.

What famous people went to your school?

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