Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

You can tell it's nearly Christmas

Mike and I were invited to 6 parties this weekend (2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday). In the end we only made it to one of them. Friday night we were too tired for Ross's or Matthew's. Saturday we'd already promised Si and Nesta we'd go to theirs which ruled out MBM's and Matthew and Sally's. And on Sunday we just wanted to get back home and go zog. So that's what I didn't do this weekend.

What I *did* do was spend Friday Christmas shopping, and Friday night getting started on knitting the one present I'm making rather than buying. On Saturday we had a quiet morning then headed into town to buy some more wool, since it had become clear 5 balls was going to be a bit too few. Then walked across to the station: bright and sunny but definitely a bit brisk, and by the time our train left at 3:30 it was already almost dark. We had a fun bus ride across London, tracking where to get off by reading the bus signs and following the route on the A-Z. And we arrived at Si and Nesta's flat fairly early. We spent the evening drinking cider and beer, going out to a nearby turkish restaurant for an excellent meal consisting almost entirely of meat, and then staggered back again to sit around watching comedy DVDs, setting the world to rights, and listening to music which amused me by being almost perfectly to ernie's taste (the Offspring for nostalgia value, lots of ska and the Clash). And somehow it was 3:30am before we turned in to sleep.

Considering the late night we were awake surprisingly early, and treated to bacon sandwiches for breakfast with some more comedy DVDs. I am now acquainted with several shows I'd never seen before, or even heard of in one case, and they were all good fun. And then we just got the bus back to liverpool street, the train back to Cambridge and the bus back to mine, where we ended up having a nap for a couple of hours. Mike stayed for tea and then left me to wrap presents and get an ostensibly early night. Well, at least I got the ones for people in Cambridge done, but I accidentally read until after 1am again, perhaps a side effect of not getting much reading in over the weekend.

Looks like the work Christmas party is cancelled - not enough people interested apparently. Shame as I was looking forward to it. We'll still have our group lunch at least. Christmas dinner with friends at the pub tonight, and probably going to the cinema tomorrow, and Rae's visiting on Friday, so it should be a fun week.

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