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A nice week, and a lovely surprise on Wednesday

I've been very lax about writing what I've been up to lately, and seem to have entirely missed out two weekends and I'm nearly at the third. Basically I've not been doing anything very exciting though. Lots of lounging around reading or watching DVDs, a couple of nice meals out with Mike, a nice walk, that sort of thing. So I'll skim over all the stuff I can't really remember and pick up at the weekend just gone.

I spent Saturday morning extremely unseasonally by mowing the lawn. OK so it's needed it for at least a month, but now the tree has finally dropped all its leaves and it was dry and vaguely sunny I had no excuse to put it off any longer. The big green bin was practically full when I finished, of grass clippings, wet leaves, the weeds growing under the neighbour's fence, and most of the sage plant which was trying to take over the universe. Very satisfying. Saturday evening was Richard's rather early birthday party, which was nice. My lovely skirt from Whitby got lots of nice comments, though I kept having to stand up to demonstrate that the back was even better than the front. Vicky was very taken by its bum-framing properties.

On Sunday Mike washed up after the party and I cooked us nice soup (OK, Covent Garden Soup Company), garlic and lemon roast chicken with roast spuds and parsnips, leeks, broccoli and carrots and gravy, and tesco choc brownie cheesecake for pudding. It was rather nice. And a very pleasant meal chatting too. As those of you who read Richard's livejournal have probably gathered by now I've been thinking that I'll probably want to move out and find a place with Mike at some point yesterday, so some of the conversation was about logistics, but it's nice to know Richard isn't too unhappy about the idea. I probably want to wait until March before getting too serious, because my annual increment comes round then and that's also when my student loan will be paid off, so I'll have rather more disposable income.

Monday night I took packet mushroom risotto and made it much nicer by the addition of leftover chicken and gravy and generally had a very quiet night. On Tuesday Mike and I went to see The Holiday at the pictures. Very predicatable and cheesy feel good romantic film that it is I rather enjoyed it. Aww bless. Dinner out afterwards was good, before staying over at Mike's since it's closer - and always very tempting when I have a meeting first thing because I get into work much earlier :-)

Wednesday morning I took a detour to pick up a parcel for Mike from the post office depot on my way into the office, and when I got home on Wednesday night and handed it to Mike he opened it and then handed the contents back to me. And in a pretty bag, in a pretty box with a ribbon, in a smaller pretty shiny hinged box was a lovely lovely white gold ring. Mike had tried to buy me one for our anniversary in November but the lovely one we found in town was not available in my size. This one came from Gerald Online who will do most of their rings in larger sizes to order. It's very very lovely indeed. So we decided it was obviously an excuse to celebrate our anniversary some more and we had a nice (if too greasy) indian takeaway and watched Elizabeth, which isn't exactly the film we'd have chosen for the occasion but is what was currently on loan. It was a really nice evening, and I don't care if we are a bit soppy with it: we're both really really happy.

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