Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

The odd couple

A strange idea. "Make a list of all the characters in your icons. Alphabetize them. Pair them up as you go. Those will be your pairings."

A shortage of anyone but friends and family in mine, so I included all the cuddly toys. And we get the following odd couples:

  • Armadillo and Beware, The Leopard
  • Dad and the Duck
  • E-J and Em (my sister)
  • Ernie and Freon
  • Frog and the Invisible Man
  • John (Em's boyfriend) and Judy Garland
  • Me and Mike
  • Morrocan Expedition 1992 and my Mum
  • Newcat and Penguin
  • Ranma-Chan and Rjk
  • Santa and Steph (my other sister)

I assure you I didn't cheat! I'm glad there was an even number, I'd hate anyone to be left out.

Tags: meme
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