Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Day 7

Breakfast: chicken and bacon club sandwich from machine, left over ribena, water

Lunch: french onion soup, cheese and onion walkers crisps, cream cheese bacon and tomato ciabatta, diet coke.

Afternoon: Quite a bit of bonfire toffee

Dinner: Chili's: shared triple play starter (fried chicken and fish in batter, fried cheese in crumbs, blue cheese, salsa and honey dips, 3 small celery sticks), about half of ribs and chicken with chips instead of rice (took rest home in box for fridge), cosmopolitan, water.

And that concludes a week of logging my food. This has been crossposted between lnr and incendiaryfood, although I've been cut tagging it on the former. I was particularly amused to be asked to make the cut text include the word "food" so some people could avoid reading it, when the whole point has been to be public about what I'm eating. This has not been a diet, it's been what I might eat on a fairly ordinary week (ok, including a birthday and an anniversary, but still, there are parties many other weeks). I still don't feel particularly militant about it.

Tags: food, meme
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