Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Day 4 and 5


Breakfast: 2 slices white toast with olive marg, pint of orange juice and water

Afternoon: Water

Dinner: Chicken Mulligatawny soup, cheese bread twist, glass white wine

Party: Mini-scotch-eggs, onion and garlic dip, rice crackers, mini cornish pasty, plain doritos, Cadbury's Snaps (mint), mince pie, bread and cheese and crackers, japanese rice crackers, choc birthday cake, kir royale, bubbly


Breakfast/lunch: Pringles, toast and boursin, ham and houmous sandwich, turkey and garlic dip sandwich, 1/4 water melon, japanese rice crackers, water

Dinner: Gravadlax with appley horseradish sauce, baby leaves and warm french bread, glass of white wine. Roast lamb with a red wine sauce, quinoa and ribbons of grilled courgette, mixed green veg (sugar snap peas, green beans, mange tout, dressed in butter), glass of red wine. Galleria cocktail (choc icecream, wafer basket, whipped cream, toffee sauce, toasted almonds), black filter coffee.

Tags: food, meme
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