Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Food, glorious food

An interesting meme started yesterday (well OK, yesterday is when I first saw it). The idea is to truthfully blog for a week everything you've eaten, in a no fear or favour sort of way, and trying not to change what you would have eaten to make it look any different. Anyway this is what I ate yesterday, and I'll try keep it up.

Addendum: it's supposed to be a sort of anti-diet thing really. Openly eating what _you_ like, regardless of what anyone else might think. Read the original article for a better explanation.

Breakfast at work: can diet coke, toasted mozzarella/cheddar/tomato/basil sandwich.

Lunch from canteen thing: Can diet coke, houmous and salad sandwich, walkers cheese and onion crisps, caramel slice thing.

Mid-afternoon snack:4 or 5 pieces of leftover homemade bonfire toffee from the tub which is sitting on my desk.

Dinner at Mike's: homemade bolognese sauce, half a garlic and coriander naan, glass of water.

Snack at bedtime: parma violets lolly, fun size packet skittles.

Tags: food, meme
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