Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A good gig

I don't seem to be feeling very verbal today, so perhaps a review in bullet points:

  • Ernie late, beer in the Cow, nachos, lots of indie kids
  • Trouble getting in: Junction hadn't passed on list, had to pay again
  • First support Caimbo: local, lots of fans, pretty good rock type indie, setlist
  • Second support Thomas Tantrum: weirder stuff, fun with rhythms, setlist
  • Bromheads Jacket: 3-piece, compared to Arctic Monkeys, bit older, good tunes, great lyrics, chuffed by the crowd, bought badges
  • Crowd: pretty rowdy, surprisingly lively almost-pit at the front, dropped glass a bit dangerous - should have plastics for when the band's on, great fun
  • Home in the rain, fun but wet, and I tripped dismounting halfway up jesus lock bridge, serves me right for trying to cycle up in the first place
  • Called Junction today, friendly chap I spoke to when I ordered, going to refund tickets

Next gigs: Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, The Long Blondes, Dirty Pretty Things (w/ Larrikin Love supporting), Less Than Jake/Dropkick Murphys. And also Ezio and prob various others but I haven't got tickets for those yet. Did some sums the other day and have spent in the region of 600 quid so far this year on gigs and festivals and train tickets to get to them. Still, worth it!

Tags: gigs

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