Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

I have a box!

Or at least that's what I was going to say this afternoon. But Paul kindly gave me and my boxes a lift home, and just as I was heading out to help Andrew move some of his own boxes Richard arrived home, and I said he could play if he wanted. And I got home to find my box had been transformed into a computer. He's even installed Firefox and Putty for me.

So I've installed some anti-virus software under the site-license from the university which allows staff to use it on their home machines, I've run windows update, I've coped all the images off my camera, and I've installed Quicktime and Realplayer and tested them by playing home-movies of rockets, BBC 6music, and videos of OK Go.

I suppose next step is to plug the mp3 player in and see what happens :-)

Wheeeeee! Shiny.

Oh and at some point I'll see if I can re-size the NTFS partition that's taking up all the hard disk and put Ubuntu on the other half. Oh, and I can't believe I don't have a "geek" icon.

Tags: computer
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