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Seven go mad in Somerset, 5th-12th August 2006

We were away for the week to celebrate my mum's 50th birthday. Staying in a 15th century manor house has a lot to recommend it, especially if it's as nicely fitted and maintained as well as Gurney Manor, owned and run by The Landmark Trust. The seven in question were Mum, Dad, Me, my sisters Steph and Emily, Steph's fiancé Dave and Emily's boyfriend John. Mike joined us at the end of the week, and various other family friends and relatives visited over the course of the week, either staying with us (the house sleeps 9) or in nearby B&Bs or campsites.

I'd write it up properly, but it would take a long time, and besides most of what happened will be documented eventually at http://www.anns-birthday.org.uk/, which already has links to the photos I took over the week. It was a lovely relaxing week though, and I'll summarize a little:

Sunshine, walking, paddling, playing catch with a guide dog, swimming and flying kites at the beach, a wine tasting evening, a quiz evening, on-running baby photo quiz and "How well do you know Ann?" quiz, lots of nice food and drink, birthday cake, a cocktail party, ballroom dancing, rocket flying, balloon animals, gingerbread man decorating, visit to Dunster Castle (closed), driving through the Quantock hills, croquet on the lawn, and just relaxing in a great location with lots of lovely friends.

I was hoping to write something more inspiring as my 2000th ever livejournal entry, but the muse has abandoned me. Go look at the photos, they're nice.

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