Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Went out again on Sunday, 30 miles in total to Wimpole Hall and back. Far too hot really, and caught the sun a little, though not as badly as I feared. Route mapped with this handy new gadget I've found:


I've also mapped the route home the other night with the same site. NB the calorie counter is based on running, god know how much you want to fudge for cycling, but 0.28 per mile per pound has been suggested, which would give a figure about 2/5 of that for the running.


The main difference between the two journeys (apart from length of course) is the hills. The short journey home from work had a fairly small change in elevation overall, and almost none of that being steep. Sunday's trip had three steep hills, the middle of which I admit to giving up and walking up, and the other two had me stopping at the top for 5 mins each to catch my breath. There was also a lot more time spent not cycling. Instead of a 10-15 min break for an icecream in the middle we had a 20-30 min stop for lunch at Haslingfield, about 4.5 hours at Wimpole Hall, and another 20 mins at a pub in Barton, and 30 mins at Mike's on Elizabeth Way. So three hours cycling became a 9.5 hours trip.

Next Sunday is so going to be hard. 50 miles, 3-4 hills iirc. I just hope it's not as hot. Infuriating the Cambridge weather data I usually use was missing between yesterday morning and about an hour ago so I can't see just how hot it was.

Addendum: And this is the little loop we made round to Grantchester on Friday after work:


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