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OK last one

I killed everything except for 4 cockatrices which I left well alone, visited every square of the map you can reach without cheating, and learned that trapdoors just take you somewhere else on the same level, bah. Oh and all the altars collapsed near the end, dunno what that was about!

I escaped from the Dungeon of Lnr!

I killed Marnanel the rat, Naath the kobold, Acronym the mind flayer, Sphyg the kobold, Fluffymormegil the kobold, Ciphergoth the troll, Sesquipedality the minotaur, Crag Du the troll, Insecuregoddess the dragon, Artela the dragon, Damerell the floating eye, Vyvyan the giant spider, Mzdt the minotaur, Truecatachresis the dragon, Mr Tom the fire elemental, Antinomy the leprechaun, Feanelwa the minotaur, Simonb the zombie, Ceb the arch-demon, Fairygothmother the arch-demon, Saraphale the arch-demon, Thorfinn the minotaur, Julietk the fire elemental, Bugshaw the arch-demon, Jiggery Pokery the rat, Geekette8 the kobold, Littlemissgoth the kobold, Angua the arch-demon, Reddragdiva the fire elemental, Verlaine the leprechaun, Ejde the dragon, Natural20 the zombie, Daneel Olivaw the rat, Naranek the minotaur, Venta the gelatinous cube, Mstevens the gelatinous cube, Lizzip the nymph, Crazyscot the fire elemental, Barrysarll the mind flayer, Senji the leprechaun, Wintrmute the goblin, Imc the rat, Uon the dragon, Scat0324 the fire elemental, Cjwatson the leprechaun, Bellinghwoman the gelatinous cube, Renarde the kobold, Atreic the mind flayer, Rejs the kobold, Mst3kgirl the orc, Aendr the gelatinous cube, Clanwilliam the minotaur, Theinquisitor the gelatinous cube, Claroscuro the arch-demon, Beckyc the leprechaun, Chickenfeet2003 the troll, Compilerbitch the leprechaun, Lemur Catta the minotaur, Aidehua the fire elemental, Aldabra the leprechaun, Rmc28 the arch-demon, Tamsinj the kobold, Jvvw the kobold, Liarlyre the fire elemental, Flurble the minotaur, Zenithed the kobold, Doseybat the goblin, Jane Somebody the kobold, Arnhem the nymph, Dancin Dan the leprechaun, Sacristan the kobold, Gmh the dragon, Bofhcam the troll, Ajn the giant spider, Fantasygoat the arch-demon, Pvaneynd the zombie, Anastamosis the orc, Other Faces the mind flayer, Indigo Violet the arch-demon, Juggzy the owlbear, Echoing Void the kobold, P A R A the dragon, Saffie1981 the giant spider, Bothyesandno the minotaur, Nou Cooks the leprechaun, Fiona Kitty the orc, Kathypuss the mind flayer, 3c66b the kobold, Deborah C the orc, Infinitarian the leprechaun, Tea Cantata the owlbear, Totkat the leprechaun, Cammuppet the floating eye, Puffinry the rat, Filecoreinuse the nymph, Davethedog the zombie, Missjudas the minotaur, Aardvark179 the leprechaun, Maption the kobold, Bonyandidle the orc, Stephdairy the minotaur, Azlan S Pigeon the owlbear, Bopeep Knits the troll, Pagilk the minotaur, Xanna the goblin, Jendiet the fire elemental and The Local Echo the giant spider.

I looted the Crown of Taimatsu, the Dagger of Songster, the Sword of Anime, the Amulet of Panzerpenguin, the Sceptre of Ptc24, the Crown of Perdita Fysh, the Sceptre of Princess Bride, the Axe of Sion A, the Sword of the Elyan, the Amulet of Flugmatic, the Wand of Porn, the Crown of Covertmusic, the Crown of Belleandbutler, the Sceptre of Numberland, a Figurine of Nomme, the Armour of Bathtubgingirl, the Axe of Geeking, the Amulet of Panzerpenguin, a Figurine of Mouse262, the Dagger of Songster, a Figurine of Megamole, the Sword of Oxford, the Amulet of Hoiho, the Axe of Ali Anarres, the Amulet of Glitterboy1, a Figurine of Bopeepsheep, the Wand of Porn, the Crown of Catyak, the Dagger of Bellinghman, the Amulet of Dougsoc, the Sceptre of Geek, the Amulet of Dwagon, the Wand of Rillaith, the Dagger of Big Boots, the Crown of Taimatsu, the Armour of Robinbloke, the Wand of Wechsler, the Axe of Sweh, the Dagger of Princess Bride, the Sceptre of Ptc24, the Axe of Sion A, the Sword of Rainstorms, the Wand of Eddie Izzard, a Figurine of Newcat, the Shield of D Floorlandmine, a Figurine of Pjc50, the Axe of Tienelle, the Sword of Anime, the Sceptre of U2, the Dagger of Emarkienna, the Dagger of Big Boots, the Dagger of Dippadoom, the Amulet of Flugmatic, a Figurine of Zoethrace, the Sword of the Elyan, the Wand of Porn, the Amulet of Linux, the Wand of Lusercop, the Shield of Cooking, the Shield of Computers, a Figurine of Womble2, the Sceptre of Princess Bride, the Crown of Perdita Fysh, the Crown of Angoel, the Shield of Status, the Crown of Covertmusic, the Axe of Porn, the Crown of Auntysarah and 3534 gold pieces.

Score: 5084

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Tags: meme

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