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General Update (he's in the army)

Ok, I'm getting behind, so I'm going to cheat a bit.

Bath: Mike and I were invited to a BBQ on Saturday afternoon in Bath, and decided we'd go down on Friday night instead so I'd get a bit more chance to see the place. We also decided to splash out and stay in a B&B rather than sleep on someone's floor, and I do think that was a good decision, if not exactly a cheap one. So we arrived around 9:30 on Friday night, and set out to walk up to our hotel, stopping for a drink in the Hobgoblin on the way. This is Bath's main alternative pub and it is teh ace. Suitably gloomy decor, a good jukebox, DJs on downstairs on several nights a week, full of dodgy alternative types and it's still a proper pub, with wooden floors, plenty of seating that doens't mind being rearranged and good enough beer to get it in the Good Beer Guide. Not to mention the dangerous Westons cider. I texted Jim to see if he'd be around for a drink on Saturday lunchtime, but he was happily going to be busy at a wedding, but came and joined us briefly right then and there instead, which was cool. Lovely to hear him enthusing about DJing IRL as well as online. When we got to the hotel just after 11 we were greeted by the manager in her PJs, who handed us the keys, showed us the room, said we could easily be axe murderers or anything, but that we could check in properly in the morning.

Amazingly we actually woke in time for breakfast on Saturday, then went back to bed for an hour or so more nap before heading into town. We had a nice potter around mostly just looking at stuff, posh choc milkshakes from the cadbury shop, cornish pasties for lunch and a look round the Abbey before heading up to the Royal Crescent for the BBQ. This was a celebration of many parts, Claire's graduation after 6 years of architecture, Sarah's birthday and Rae and Adam's leaving do, since they're moving to Cardiff. Until they move however their home is a flat on the top floor of one of the houses in the Royal Crescent itself, and this means they can use the private residents lawn, much to the bemusement of the other residents. So we sat around in the sun with a couple of disposable BBQs and ate and drank perry and chatted, and some of the others played assorted variations on catch with a mini rugby ball, and pushed each other down the slope and off the haha on a land buggy, all of which was good fun. And when it got cooler and began to get dark we headed back down to the pub again to drink some more til they chucked us out at 1am and Mike and I went home to bed. They're a nice lot and it was good to meet some of them again after the monopoly pub crawl and Mike's birthday celebrations at the beginning of May. Sunday we just checked out, pottered down through town grabbing brunch on the way and caught the train home, just in time to watch the football, make dinner, and then stick Pirates on DVD before bed.

I really could have done with more sleep on Monday to catch up from a busy weekend, but instead I headed to London to see The Dears at the ICA. Which I was going to write up with much enthusiasm but find that Ernie has done so already, saving me the trouble. He said almost everything I would have done anyway: here.

And last night we were going to go to the first of the Ballroom Improvers classes that are on this summer, but Mike had had some bad news from home: his grandma is very poorly and only really has a couple of months to live. There's not really much you can do to help someone in this case, other than offer hugs and a shoulder to cry on, and someone to talk to. She's hopefully going to be well enough to move in with Mike's parents for a few weeks so they can look after her, and Mike will go visit if he can, but he's obviously very sad. We didn't feel much like dancing as a result anyway, so we spent the evening quietly with takeaway food and a DVD and much hugging. I wish I could help more. I did get a phonecall with some good news though, more on that in another post.

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