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Explore the Dungeon of Lnr (is it just me or does that sound rude?)

I died in the Dungeon of Lnr

I was killed in a torchlit arena by Mst3kgirl the orc, whilst carrying...

the Wand of Eddie Izzard, a Figurine of Newcat, a Figurine of Pjc50, the Axe of Tienelle, the Amulet of Linux, the Dagger of Dippadoom, the Dagger of Princess Bride, the Crown of Belleandbutler, the Sceptre of Numberland, a Figurine of Nomme, a Figurine of Megamole, the Axe of Geeking, the Amulet of Hoiho, the Dagger of Songster, the Crown of Taimatsu, the Dagger of Emarkienna, the Armour of Robinbloke, a Figurine of Womble2, the Wand of Wechsler, the Crown of Perdita Fysh, the Sceptre of Ptc24, the Amulet of Panzerpenguin, the Axe of Sweh, the Amulet of Glitterboy1, the Shield of Telpher, the Sword of Oxford, the Sword of Anime, the Shield of Nja, the Sceptre of Princess Bride, the Dagger of Big Boots, a Figurine of Mouse262, the Axe of Sion A, the Wand of Lusercop, the Dagger of Bellinghman, the Sceptre of Geek, the Amulet of Dougsoc and 1680 gold pieces.

Score: 1215

Explore the Dungeon of Lnr and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

In other news I had a great w/e in Bath, *waves at entropyjim* who featured briefly, I'll try write it up later

Tags: meme, silly
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