Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Retrospective meme

25 years ago I was 2
I was living in a house in Whitton Gilbert (sp?), County Durham, with very young parents: my mum was just 21. Dad worked, she stayed home with me. Sue and Steve and their daughter Emma who's 2 months older than me were living in the same street. I don't really remember this house though, only the photos I've seen of it. Didn't have much hair yet, learned to read not much later than this, mostly because I could see my parents loved it.

20 years ago I was 7
Living in Kippax, near Leeds, and now with two younger sisters. I'd be in my last year of infant school, which mostly I remember for loose teeth and being Mary in the school nativity. Me and Colin were always the last two to go out into the playground after school dinners with seconds or thirds of pudding, but I was still a skinny thing. Long hair at this age, and I'd been wearing glasses for the last 4 years or so. Good friend Jeanine lived next door, and we only ever once really fell out because when I had to choose I said Emma was by bestest friend and not her. Sue and Steve were still good family friends, and still are. Had lots of fun playing together and with our younger sisters in the local fields and woods and stream. Lovely place to live.

15 years ago I was 12
And in my first year at high school. Disappointed in that the other 5 girls from my junior school were all in one form and I was in a different one with two of the sportier more popular boys. Made lots of friends amongst the less popular crowd though. Did well in lessons, always was keen on stuff. Not yet fallen in love really, though I'd had a couple of boyfriends at junior school. Wasn't long before I would be considered a bit backwards for not knowing how to snog people. Still living in Kippax, though Jeanine had moved house when her parents had split up we were still quite close.

10 years ago I was 17
We'd moved house about 4 miles down the road to Allerton Bywater, though I was still going to the same school. Recently back from a walking expedition to Morocco and at my fittest ever. Enjoying A-levels, with a good batch of GCSEs behind me, and only slightly disappointed that Jeanine had got better results than me. But art had been a good choice even if I wasn't terribly good at it. Not as close to her as I had been, since we weren't in the same classes or living nearby. The friends I'd made in my form were pretty close though, more the lads than the girls. Though I'd been out with most of them at one time or another. Got on really well with Emily, as she was fun to have around and I still enjoyed playing more childish games with her friends. Keen to go to University and study maths.

5 years ago I was 22
Retaking my last year at university, initially with optimism and later despair. Got through it in the end with help from lots of friends. Sick of maths by the end of it though. Juggling 3 boyfriends at once, not sure which ones I'll keep or not. Parents disapproving, but mostly for my sake. Living in college rooms and at home in Allerton Bywater outside term.

2 years ago I was 25
Working in a dead end job in academic publishing, just been promoted from general dogsbody to junior geek, but not offered the job at the salary they'd advertised it for. Increasingly fed up of the job despite liking the people I was working with. Down to one boyfriend and had been for a long time. Living with Richard in Cambridge in a shared house with some other nice geeks, beginning to get a bit tired of sharing though and beginning to look at house prices with an eye towards buying. Parents have moved house since I moved out, which is strange and I no longer have a room there.

Now I am 27
5 years and more with Richard all told now, and living in our own house in Kings Hedges, Cambridge. Very domesticated :-) Moved job to the Engineering Dept where I'm taking a long time to settle in, but once again like the people I'm working with. Experimenting with open relationships with a certain amount of trepidation, but very pleased indeed to have such a lovely girlfriend. Considering making money with her from lesbian porn on the side. Looking forward to being better off next year as Richard starts a new job and even more looking forward to New Year, which I always enjoy.

Funny how the 5 year breaks make you end up missing stuff out. The entirety of Junior school skipped over. Whole relationships which meant a lot to me missing because they were in one of the gaps. Makes for a bit of a skeleton of a story rather than anything fully fleshed out.
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