Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Back on the road

It's amazing how much walking I ended up doing with my bike out of order. To work on Tuesday morning pushing the dead bike, into town and back that lunchtime for a union meeting, then in again to get the bus home. In to work from the bus stop in town again on Wednesday, into town and back again at Wednesday lunchtime to drop my bike at Cambridge Cycle Centre to be fixed, and then (having borrowed Julia's bike to get to the bike shop before it shut) back to engineering again pushing two bikes. Still it is fixed and lovely and I'm glad to have it back. New handlebars, new rear wheel cos its bearings were buggered, and new rear brakes (I knew it needed those already) with fitting of all of the above came to a very reasonable £57.50, and has left the bike in lovely shape. Enough to convince me to put off buying a replacement just yet anyway. Only error they made was putting the front light bracket on backwards when transferring it to the new bars, but that was easily fixed cos it's designed not to need any tools anyway. I is a very happy bunny and cycling in this morning in the sunshine was a joy. It'll be a little while longer before I'm all fixed too, but hey at least none of the bruises and grazes are very noticable unless you're actually looking for them, or in the habit of staring at my legs I guess.

Dancing tonight at the CDC Ball. Mike's sounding nervous, and I guess I am too, but it should be fun.

Oh and thanks to Michael at work for reminding me it's Father's Day this weekend as he headed to the postbox with his card. Just time for me to go buy one in the postoffice and get it in the post.

Tags: bike, dancing, life

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