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Eleanor Blair

Time flies...

So what have I been doing since we got back from York? Well, I skipped dancing on Tuesday night as already described. Can't remember at all what I did on Wednesday, other than wearing my AUT tshirt into work, since it was the last day the AUT existed. Thursday evening Mike and I wandered over to Blockbusters and took out Just Like Heaven and A Knight's Tale - two very cheesy comedies but enjoyable in their own way.

Then the weekend came. Friday night I invited a bunch of people over for cocktails - inspired by a discussion at the beer festival of the possibilities of mixing whisk(e)y with mead (by comparison with a whisky mac). I came home via the supermarket and bought far too much food and then did my best to kill myself when the neck of the whisky bottle stuck itself out the side of the carrier bag and into my spokes. I have an excellent graze on my knee from the bike lock holder on my frame, one bent spoke and an impressive hole in the lid of the whiskey bottle to show for it. Still, it was all superficial damage and it got home in one piece. The combination was indeed tried and found to be quite good. I also tried it te Jamesons with both sparkling wine and with smirnoff ice - on the principle I quite like whisky and lemonade. Best drink I had was probably the kir royale though, and I rather liked Mobbsy's concoction of 2 shots gin to one cointreau and one cherry brandy - MMmmm. The booze was supplemented with nice company and lots of nibbles and it was a lovely evening.

Mike and I got up earlyish, and surprisingly unhungover, and got on a coach to Oxford, in glorious sunshine. Despite it overheating somewhere between Bedford and Milton Keynes we arrived only half an hour or so later than intended and had a little potter through town before settling down to a pint of Old Rosie each in the Turf. The gardens were busy with finalists who'd just finished their exams and runners who'd just done the Race for Life, but we managed to find some space to sit out the back by the city walls and spent a while just chatting and generally enjoying the lovely day. Then we wandered back across the town centre, had a bag of chips from Carfax chippy partly for old times sake, it having conveniently just opened, and bought supplied in Sainsbury's and lazily got a taxi out to Chris and Kathryn's place, since they're a little out of town. It was a smallish party in the end, with a bunch of Cambridge reprobates (in which I include David, even though he's not technically living in Cambridge at the moment), a couple of local theatrical types, and Ian Snell. We sat around in the garden, cooked things on the BBQ, melted and burned some marshmallows and generally chilled out until it became a bit too chilly, and we moved inside and played a crossover between I Spy and Infinity Questions, where the object had to be something which couldn't possibly be in the room. Examples included dead people, people and things from novels, coronations, and antimatter. When we ran out of steam we staggered off to prove you really can sleep two people on a 2'6" single futon, provided they're suitably friendly.

On Sunday we got up too late to really see any more of Mobbsy and Clare or much of Ian. David had to stay by an internet connection on call until four, so we had a leisurely not-quite-breakfast of leftover nibbles and lots of strong coffee and then watched Bad Taste on video. Mike hadn't seen it before, and says he still prefers Brain Dead. I'll have to see that again at some point because it's too long ago since I last did for me to properly compare. It's still gloriously silly. The next plan was to going into town for icecream at G&D's - Mike and I took the bus while Chris and David walked. But spotting J-P and Kate out of the window just as our bus stopped seemed like it must have been fate so we got out to congratulate them on their wedding the previous day and walked the rest of the way into town with them, as they were heading for the coach station to get a bus to Heathrow and thence to Finland for their honeymoon. They looked knackered but really really happy, so sweet. Sounded like they had a lovely day, and nothing Janet and Owen have said since contradicts that in the least. I won't link to Jan's photos until she makes them public, but Owen has one here which just makes me go "Awwwww!". I introduced Mike to the local goth/aternative shop Tiger Lily which always makes me smile and *just* had time to scoff a choc fudge brownie sundae each before getting back on the coach again to return home. This time we had to change coach twice, as it seems Saturday's overheating coach was suffering again and they borrowed us to take it back from Milton Keynes to Bedford where the depot is, which our coach took the passengers going the other way on to Oxford. We didn't get back until 10 but it was a pleasant journey anyway, with each other for company. Amusingly at 6 months in we're hitting the very soppy phase I'd usually expect at about a month to 6 weeks into a relationship. Side effect of having gone into it somewhat still broken hearted. I'm not knocking it though - loving it. Too lazy to cook or walk we grabbed a burger king and got the bus back to mine :-)

This week has been pretty quiet since then. Monday night I spent reading - having realised that the Jim Noir gig in London I was on the guest list for was actually on Tuesday. Tuesday we went dancing instead though, and I sent Tom to go to the gig without me which hopefully he did and enjoyed. Then we had dinner at Pizza Express and watched the weekend's Dr Who on NTL when we got home. This one I really did find much more scary than some of the others. Look forward to seeing the second part. Wednesday Mike came over after packing for Download and we spent the evening just curled up with our books, with the windows wide open and the fan noisily blowing the air around a bit. And last night having waved him off for the weekend by text message I had another quiet night on my own, finished Jane Eyre and then sat down and finally got my second sock finished. They're not perfect, and they're perhaps a little large on me but they're done! As soon as my shiny new 8mm circular needle arrives in the post (from http://www.getknitted.com/ - sent me mail saying it was in the post before 6am on the day after I ordered - recommended) I'll be able to get started on the pretty summery top I got the pattern and wool for in Whitby.

And today I've had a productive morning at work so far, and a positive review with James and Caroline. They're still happy I'm working consistently to my grade and will be recommending that I'm reappointed at the committee which meets next month. Just encouraged me to be squeaky clean in getting in before 9:30 until then. Excellent. Some photos of socks and york and cocktails and Oxford will follow once they're all uploaded. Still no official webpage sorted for ordering a new PC with the HP deal at work, but it shouldn't be too long now. And if it takes too long I can talk to Stephen about how to do it without waiting for the webpages to be ready. It's going to be a quiet sunny weekend, v quiet with Mike away, but I do need the rest, and then I've got CDC's summer ball to look forward to next week, and with another lesson inbetween we might even be able to dance enough for it not to be pointless!

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