Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

My weekend

Friday night I cut the lawn, Mike helped me rake it. We watched Mission Impossible 2 on DVD and then had a three course meal of caesar salad, pizza and strawberries and cream. It were nice.

Saturday we had a lie in, spent a while fettling bikes (new front tyre and chain much cleaned and relubed, him some faffing with gears and rear brake) then watched the FA cup. I was amused he'd assumed I wouldn't be interested, but I guess I'm not normally a very footbally sort of person. Being a floating voter as far as football teams go I was happy to root for his team: Liverpool. It was a cool match to watch anyway because apart from the first 20 mins where Liverpool played like people who didn't give a damn it was a really close run thing. 2-0 to West Ham in the first 20 mins, 2 all by the end of half time, 3-2 through much of the second half, 3 all in the first min of injury time, 30 mins of extra time with no more goals and both teams getting clearly tireder and tireder and suffering from injuries and cramp but soldiering on, and then a penalty shootout to end it, with Liverpool turning out to be better at penalties for whatever reason. By that time I agree it was sad that either team had to lose. But still, for me it was nice that Liverpool were the winners. Afterwards we joined Mike's colleagues for a drink and a curry, which was nice, even if we did spend a wee bit too much time just talking to each other. They're a nice bunch, and of wonderfully mixed origins: French, German, German with Turkish parents, Lithuanian and Czech as well as the English lot. Was very surprised at how quiet The Globe was at 10:30 on a Saturday night. We were well over half the customers in the place.

And today Mike went off to go paintballing with a slightly different selection of colleagues and I pottered off in the afternoon for an LJ picnic of nice people, nice food, and fairly well behaved weather. A pleasant few hours indeed, and I am now thoroughly stuffed and have a selection of random food left over. Still, I knew when I picked up a bag of broken rock at Whitby that I'd find a good use of it. Bridget brought stickers so in the end we were all labelled after all, and Jack took lots of photos which I look forward to seeing. Now I seem to be very tired though, so I suspect I may be getting an early night.

Tags: football, life, lj, picnics

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