Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Easter Weekend

So far I have had a brilliant weekend.

Thursday evening Mike cooked me dinner and we went for a mad walk through Chesterton, over the river, up to the railway bridge and back, and then back up the river to Tesco for a mad shopping trip and then home.

Friday we pottered round the garden in the sunshine and did some accidental weeding, then joined Richard's party since it was conveniently in my house. There are pictures.

Saturday we had a long lie in then went for a longer walk, out along the chesterton side of the river to Baits Bite Lock and back along the Fen Rivers Way on the other side. Dr Who when we got back in, followed by an excellent roast chicken even if I do say so myself and then we somehow managed to not get to sleep til 2am.

Sunday we got up early and got the 9:05 train out of Cambridge, and after a pleasant half hour sitting in the sun at Stevenage we met my parents at Newark and then drove off to meet Steph and Dave in Lincoln. Emily was sadly too ill to come out or we'd have been joined by her and John. Pub lunch with good beer, a wander round the cathedral, tea/coffee/hot choc in a tea shop with a rather impressive range, a potter round an antiques shop, rolling eggs down the castle mound, then a drive out to a random lock on the canal for a picnic of pork pie, boiled eggs, chocolate cake and champagne from real glasses to celebrate Steph starting a new job next week. Plastic ones would have blown away. A very Blair picnic. Then just time for a quick drink in the eccentric local before heading back to Cambridge, arriving almost exactly 12 hours after we left, and we ate a couple of chocs from my easter egg before bed. There are pictures from much of the day before my batteries ran out.

Today I'm hopefully going to fix the flat in my front tyre then go out for a ride with Mike, then out to dinner tonight. I'm feeling rather flat myself now though, as he's disppeared off home to faff with stuff, and I feel bad about having rather deserted him in my attempt to sort out uploaded pictures. Damn. There are additions in one or two other galleries too anyway, more pics of finger, a couple more of just me, and some of a candle and the view from my office window in the random section.

Tags: family, life, photos

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