Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
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We Are Scientists

Oh I *do* like gigs at the Junction, and I *do* like WAS. I'm going to cheat and tell you to read Ernie's writeup because in some ways he does it so much better than I could. Mike and I weren't quite as persistent and after a couple of tracks in the crush at the front we pulled back to somewhere we could actually see and stay upright. Somehow this always feels like wussing out, but hey I enjoyed myself more from there than I was doing squashed at the front, and that's what counts.

To go back a bit Mike got back to Cambridge just after 6pm, after spending 10 hours on a plane from Mexico. I went round and spent half an hour catching up with him before leaving him to unpack and put some washing on and shower and things while I met Ernie for dinner. I do rather like eating at Nando's - fast food but tasty with it. The fact the gig actually started bright and early did mean we missed half of the first support, who were OK but nothing special. (Though the We Are Not Scientists line made me giggle). ¡Forward Russia! were the second support. I've been meaning to find out more about them for a while - they were supposed to being playing APU in early March but the gig vanished without trace. I'd no idea what to expect, but when it arrived I liked it. Their singer seems completely barking, but full of energy. And they had some interesting use of time signatures which you don't often see in indie-pop/rock. I might pick up their album at some point - I'm seeing them again next month on the NME new bands tour and I do like to know at least some of the material when watching a band live. Anyway after they'd finished we managed to find Mike with the help of mobile phones and a bit of luck. He'd never been to the Junction before! And then it was time for the three of us to head for as close to the front as we could manage.

To be honest the huge spooky intro was slightly lost on me because I just couldn't see anything but the lights and the heads and hands in front of me. It *sounded* great anyway, and I did crack up when I saw the skeleton mask drummer Michael was wearing - I wish he'd join in a bit more in the banter with the audience though. Keith and Chris kept it up the whole way through, and it's one of the things which makes them so much fun to watch. The other of course being the stonking good tunes. Mike remembered far more of them than he was expecting to which just goes to show that they're catchy. There were a couple of new sounding tracks which I look forward to hearing more of at some point, and I'm *so* tempted to buy their next single just for the B-side which will be a cover of Be My Baby. I sang along through the lot of it but couldn't quite believe how few of the people around me seemed to know it at all. OK so they were all teenagers, but the original is too old for *me* to remember first time round too, and I just thought it was one of those things that seeps into the consciousness of anyone who loves music. Perhaps I'm wrong.

They finished on The Great Escape, and didn't do an encore, which is a somewhat unusual move but one I fully support. Keith crowd-surfed in for the end of the song and they just didn't want to let him go. Chris's commentary on this from on stage was just priceless - initially he said they wouldn't leave without him, but eventually conceded we obviously loved him more than they did and they'd be back for him in three month's time. He did finally escape, but while it would be nice I doubt they'll be back so soon. I definitely look forward to them getting some time back in the studio to produce some more material though, because I expect it'll be great stuff.

It was a great night out, and it was lovely to have Mike's company afterwards too. I played him the B2B EP and he said it reminded him of Busted, which I find utterly hilarious. I went to sleep with a mix of WAS and B2B songs playing in my head. Life's sweet.

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