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We will always look out for each other

Some day Bullets to Broadway are going to be pretty big. And we can say we saw them in The Man On The Moon. Watched them draw French style mustaches on each other. Make silly jokes about King Kong and Michael Jackson (um, not the same joke). And saw them rock out and damned well joined in. Getting to sing along into the mic is fab, but to do it on the fade out slow-down of the last chorus of the finale? Magic. They're still touring with Less Than Jake, and they hope to be back in the UK at the beginning of May. By that point we'll know *all* the words.

I don't think we'll ever again see the same band do the Astoria one night and the Man on the Moon 2 days later. (Support bands Matter of Distance and Sometime Never were OK and *shrug* respectively. The latter would have been better if you could hear the vocals maybe).

Tags: gigs, life
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