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LJ Interests meme results

  1. cam.misc:
    Local newsgroup to Cambridge. The regulars have the same arguments about the same things over and over again, but somehow it manages to remain interesting.
  2. cider:
    Often beer drinkers don't do cider and cider drinkers don't do beer. I like *both*. Especially real beer and real cider. Mmmm Old Rosie.
  3. dippadoom:
    A garlic dip which somehow manages to have more garlic than dip, or at least tastes that way. Ozzy's sekrit recipe. Good stuff.
  4. french:
    I learned at school and was laughed at in A-level classes for borrowing the sequel to one of our set books. I still read it for fun. It would be nice to be able to speak, write and understand better beyond the written word.
  5. graphic novels:
    It's a great medium, with some seriously good artwork and usually engaging stories. I like the way it kind of bridges the gap between the visual and written arts. Well shown if you compare Sin City the film with the original books which are practically a storyboard for it.
  6. mathematics:
    When I was a kid this was all I ever wanted to do. I went to university and did badly and largely anything like real maths makes me run away in fear these days. But some day maybe I'll conquer it.
  7. porn:
    I'd forgotten this was in here. But yeah, I like looking at it, and I've tried my hand at being in it and had fun.
  8. red dwarf:
    Classic comedy, seen over and over again and not lost its charm. And yeah, I still fancy Lister.
  9. starcraft:
    Hmm, not played this in ages because I don't currently have a working Windows install, but one of the few "modern" computer games I've actually played much and enjoy. I'm not really very good at it mind.
  10. whitby:
    Sad old goth? Perhaps, and I do enjoy the goth weekend, but for me Whitby is more than that. A beautiful seaside town on the North Yorkshire coast it was always our destination for trips to the sea as a kid and I still love walking along the beach, eating icecream on the pier in the rain, playing in the arcades, and eating the best fish and chips in the world.

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