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I need more sleep

I'm not going to get it tonight though, because I'm going gigging (nearly typed giggling there) in London again tonight. To see a band called Bearsuit supporting Help She Can't Swim at the Metro (details). I'm looking forward to it even if I've only heard one of their singles (video), and nothing of the other band.

Last night would have been fine as a quiet night in if I'd put the book down before 12:30 and hadn't had Mike getting up at 7:30. Tuesday we sat up late at his watching DVDs on the computer while curled up under the blankets in his armchair which is only big enough for two because he's little and doesn't mind sitting on the arm. Bought Donnie Darko and Scream from the garage across the road. I've seen Scream 2 before, but this is the first time I've seen either of these, and I enjoyed them both. Though clearly DD is the better film. We also had excellent cottage pie for dinner and cheesecake for afters. It was a lovely evening.

Being this tired is a bit of an arse though. It makes other people's angst more catching.

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