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Another 10 seconds of fame...

I went to the doctors today about my finger (it's a bit infected but not much, I've now got some antibiotic cream for it, but that's off topic). A couple of people from the BBC were in with a camera and a microphone interviewing people about the latest research about oily fish http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4838086.stm. They asked several of us a few questions about our thoughts and recorded the answers.

Anyway they did a piece on the 1 o'clock news which is apparently being repeated on the 6 o'clock news too, but you can also see it online if you click on the video link on the right of the above page (I can't seem to make it give me a direct link to it, so apologies to anyone I've sent a URL who just gets a help page!). My 10 seconds (or less) is towards the end.

Of course I thought the other things I said were much more interesting...

Tags: life, tv

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