Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Random life update

The cable mechanism of our up-and-over garage door broke. Apparently it an obsolete door so will need to be replaced entirely because you can't get the replacement cable kits. In the meantime we're parking the bikes in the living room.

I took the rake to the lawn at the weekend to get rid of some of the moss. It left bare earth over much of the ostensible lawn. Still, I had half a box of grass seed which may or may not germinate. And we got the herb border and the planters weeded too. Crocuses out, and tulips on the way. It's a rather neglected poor garden really. Still, it was nice to get out there.

Watched a lot of DVDs and vids recently. The latest being Corpse Bride and The Crow last night. Both romances involving dead people, right? Hadn't seen the former so was very pleased Mike thought of buying it. Duncan and I have finally managed to get the TV he offered me from his possession to mine and I've spent this evening tidying and making room for it in my room. Now I'll be able to watch DVDs in bed on my lovely pink DVD player. It's tiny, and perched on top of the telly. No aerial yet but Mike says he has a spare.

Played a mammoth pool match against ernie last Thursday - incidentally rather confusing Terri by being in the wrong half of the pub, and also consuming some rather pleasant mushroom ravioli with cheesy chips. Yes, I know. But it was nice. I started out quite well with my intention to let Mike thrash me - especially as I accidentally fouled while potting the black on the 5 game making it 4-1 to him. In the end it was only by winnning the last game that he managed to beat me 7-5 so I must have improved somewhat. Can't even blame the booze as neither of us were drinking.

Had an odd revelation the other day that actually I don't *want* Ernie back any more. Now I just need to rescue my self esteem too. It's slow going but still. Overall life is good.

Looking forward to Whitby in under a month's time now. Have train and spa tickets and cottage is all booked and will be filled with lovely people. It should be an excellent holiday. I plan to buy more knitting wool from the converted chapel that sold me the Colinette Point 5 that made my lovely stripey scarf. I suspect I'll be still in the middle of the pair of socks I've just started though. They're blue.

There are probably other things I've been doing. Oh yes I went to the Calling and danced a bit and coughed a lot and talked about Nethack and had a pretty good time. Unlike Ernie it didn't leave me knowing exactly which tracks to put on a goth compilation though. Must do that at some point. In the meantime I am listening to my new CDs which arrived earlier than estimated by Amazon to a very happy customer.

And last but not least Art (brrm) has made me a new icon, of a lovely Mustang called Eleanor, since he thought it was more appropriate for me than my other "brrm" icon's yellow one. I think I'll keep both though, just in case. And hey, I have more free spots to fill up.

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