Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


In other news on Saturday 12 of us, kindly organised by Rachel, went to Girton Spring Ball. We were greeted at the gate by a bloke in armour on a horse - presumably there to stop people rioting when they saw the length of the queue. Sub-zero temperatures, ball-dresses and 45 minute waits do not go particularly well together. Still, we warmed up once we arrived. Highlights in rough order:

  • Hog roast inna bun
  • Pizza, curly fries and guacamole, waffles with icecream, maple syrup and nuts
  • Sorting fruit into size order
  • Sorting fruit into alphabetical order
  • Pretending Ellie is a fruit
  • Ice-skating - this was useless, the skates went better sideways than forwards. Don't know if it was the skates themselves or the surface.
  • Candyfloss
  • A doughnut with toffeeish filling
  • DJ Osymyso (sp?) mashups
  • Some impressive dancing by a couple of people to the above
  • Some less impressive dancing by me ditto
  • Chilling out in the Fellow's drawing room watching the world go by and listening to the piano
  • Watching The Rifles from right at the front, and being accused of knowing a song by their singer, because I'd picked up the chorus and was singing along
  • Catching up with the others and just hanging out for a bit
  • The end of The Upper Room's rather short set
  • Finding cushions to lounge on to watch The Betamax Band (string bass, accoustic guitar, and percussion on a tea-chest - while sitting on said chest!)
  • Bacon and egg butties
  • Walking home with Andrew in the pre-dawn, breaking the ice in the puddles, listening to the birdsong and putting the world to rights.
  • A comfy sofa to sleep on, having forgotten my door keys in the wrong coat
  • Company in the morning and fried-eggs on toast for breakfast
  • A lift home from Rach

I had a great time, even though I wasn't drinking.

Tags: ball, life

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