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On Monday I spent the day zogged due to going to bed too late and reading until the wee hours. In the evening I introduced Mike to the institution that is Pizza. But unfortunately didn't make sure in advance that he knew there was more than one pizza express in town. It was nice to see people for a change anyway, even if instead of staying for post-pizza we went home and watched the rest of the BBC Pride and Prejudice which we started before the weekend. I always like an excuse for it and Mike hadn't seen it before. We stayed up a bit late again.

On Tuesday, which also happened to be yesterday, I decided to make us both pancakes. Then I looked at how much pancake batter and filling there was and invited assorted people to come along. In the end we were joined by Andrew, Ned and ernie and had a pleasant evening. E-J came along for a while too and sat and talked WoW with Mike, although she declined pancakes - and it looks like we now have a full set of 6 people for our cottage for Whitby which is excellent news. Must look up trains. Anyway many pancakes were eaten, and I had the following fillings:

  • Bombay potato and sour cream
  • Salsa, cheddar and sour cream
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon juice and black pepper
  • Traditional lemon juice and sugar
  • Lime juice and ginger syrup

Others were also attempted, but while there were other things I'd have loved by this point I was absolutely stuffed. I did have a couple of glasses of my birthday port though, which is still lovely. Mmmm. The attempt to make chocolate batter (using choc milk and with some of the flour replaced by cocoa powder) just didn't want to work, and produced only squashed up half-cooked things, which somehow got eaten anyway. I attempted to turn the second half into something more like a cake by sticking it in the oven but ended up with something like underdone chocolatey yorkshire pud. Ned bravely ate some of it, but the rest will be going in the bin.

I have resolved to give up Alcohol for lent, plus also chocolate and if possible cake. I'm prepared to be more flexible on the latter. It's not that I believe in god or anything, I just find giving things up for lent to be a useful discipline. It's long enough not to be trivial but short enough to be achieveable. Probably do me good.

Once we were full we sat around and listened to music and talked about it. We concluded we really ought to go see Walk The Line at some point, and I might even get around to organising it some time soon. Once again we got to bed late.

Wednesday seems to be today. Stacked the plates from last night a bit but leaving the washing up for now. Mike did some before dinner anyway so it's not too bad. Work has been frustrating due to licensing problems with a bit of software several of us use. Oddly while the 7.1 version claims to have an expired license version 7.0 is working for other people. V odd. Anyway I now have a working connection again so can probably have a more useful afternoon. The evening however promises to be more fun as I am meeting Tom in Camden to go see The Go! Team. Yay! I do not expect to get an early night.

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