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Big meme.

Click here if you want to take the quiz and post your results.

1) Have you ever dated bofhcam? No
2) If pippaalice was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? The Joker
3) Is sampiano friends with glitterboy1? No
4) Thoughts on emperor? Nearly Married
5) Would nassus and wendym look good together? Yes, I think they would actually
6) What would you do if you found out addedentry has a crush on you? Blush
7) What song/movie would you recommend to chickenfeet2003? Canadian band Stars with Reunion
8) When did you last call mtbc100? Never
9) Is daneel_olivaw athletic? More so than me
10) Do you think barrysarll is hot? A bit
11) Is hoiho a college student? No
12) What would mhk give ptc24 for his/her birthday? Nothing
13) Would saraphale be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja! He *is* one.
14) What would kaet think of p_a_r_a? I think they'd get on well if they don't already
15) Have you flirted with mpinna? *helpless laughter* yes
16) Is lark_ascending your best friend? No
17) Are bathtubgin and robinbloke going out? No
18) What planet should pjc50 be from? Earth
19) What would sion_a do differently in your shoes? Eat less fruit
20) What is beckyc's favorite food? Cheese?
21) Does julietk know jamiecollin? No
22) Has new_brunette dyed their hair? No
23) If duncanneko and verlaine were spliced together, what would it be like? Somewhat oversupplied with limbs a bit goth
24) Does mjg59 do drugs? I hope he never starts
25) What animal should dunkdunkdunk be combined with? Cat
26) How tall is skorpionuk? About 5'4"?
27) What animal does filecoreinuse remind you of? Labrador
28) Would you ever date pjc50? Yeah
29) Where did you first meet j4? oxnet, or The Turl
30) What flavor of jello would daneel_olivaw be? Raspberry
31) What is hairyears's favorite game? Twister
32) How would sesquipedality kill wendym? Carefully
33) Is j4 1337? y3s!
34) Is sbp introverted or extroverted? more introverted I think
35) Would angua and pjc50 make a good couple? Don't think so
36) Is natural20 popular? Yes
37) Could you see kaberett and p_a_r_a together? No, age gap too big
38) What mental disorder does kitty_goth remind you of? Something manic
39) Which of your friends should shermarama go out with? xanna
40) Which president would sesquipedality be likely to idolize? Lincoln, for the hat
41) One thing you can't stand about ptc24? None
42) Does addedentry have a dog? No
43) What would you do if angoel died? Be sad
44) Where would k425 most like to visit? Don't know
45) How long have you known truecatachresis? 9-10 years?
46) If ottah had a superpower, what would it be? Glitter!
47) If new_brunette took over the world, who would be happy? His kids
48) What is ceb's shoe size? 8 or 9 maybe?
49) Has antinomy been to your house/dorm? Yes
50) If ottah were hanging off a cliff, what would auntysarah do? Help
51) What color should yonmei dye their hair? Pink!
52) Is nja a high school student? No
53) Would you wrestle truecatachresis in jello? No, he'd win
54) One quality you find attractive in stephdairy? Friendliness
55) What is fivemack allergic to? Idiots
56) How many monkeys could cammuppet fight at once and win against? 17
57) If vyvyan and songster were spliced together, what would be its name? Abomination
58) Does kaberett go to your school? No
59) Is nja related to you? No
60) Is xanna related to la_la_laa? No
61) What rank would pippaalice have in a giant robot army? 12
62) Does sbp drink? Yes
63) Is gailsedotes a nerd? A bit
64) How long would new_brunette dating jvvw last? Oh, 6 months maybe?
65) Is arnhem an emo? No
66) Do you have a crush on oldbloke? No
67) Would you set up sion_a and saraphale? No
68) If hoiho took over the world, who would suffer? Fools
69) If rillaith and gnimmel were siamese twins, where would they be joined? toes
70) Where was natural20 born? Ireland
71) Does fiona_kitty have a big secret? If she does she hasn't told me
72) What video game does totkat remind you of? Super Mario
73) nassus's hair color? blonde
74) What languages does lusercop speak? Many, especially English and Perl
75) If mouse262 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? the meek
76) Is rejs in a relationship? No
77) What exotic animal would simonb like as a pet? A sloth
78) What is lark_ascending's biggest flaw? She finds it hard to see the world how others do
79) Is lusercop dead sexy? Not really, sorry no
80) Do mjg59 and bofhcam go to the same school? No
81) Does satanicsocks travel a lot? I don't think so
82) Do you have shermarama's screenname? Um
83) Does hairyears smoke? No
84) What word best describes acronym? covert
85) Is verlaine single? I don't think so
86) What do you disagree with acronym about? Music, but we agree about it too :-)
87) Are oldbloke and elb98rm married? yes and no - not to each other
88) Does sesquipedality have a crush on simont? I'm not aware of one.
89) Would fluffymormegil go out with duncanneko? No
90) satanicsocks's eye color? brown?
91) What comic book character would zenithed be? Spiderman, only cooler
92) What do you agree with p_a_r_a about? Kate is lovely
93) How would acronym conquer the world? Music
94) What is cammuppet's favorite movie? Dunno
95) Where was pagilk born? Dunno
96) What is razornet's favorite color? Black?
97) What is crag_du's favorite band/artist? Dunno
98) Did fluffymark break up with you? No
99) Would you make out with timeplease? Maybe
100) Are shermarama and mjg59 going steady? No

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