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Did not mean to be quite so controversial. Still, hope y'all enjoyed falling out about it, do feel free to continue. Thank god I can follow it all in notification mails rather than relying on LJ's horrid interface when the comments get above 50.

In other news: I forgot to mention that on Sunday I also saw 94. Got 95 on Monday and 96 twice over yesterday. 97 has most inconsiderately moved which is frustrating when 98-102 are all on my way to and from work. Had a lovely card hand delivered on Tuesday morning, which was very sweet. Very touched. Spent the evening with a couple of cocktails at the Vaults, followed by chinese at the Peking on Burleigh Street. Their mixed platter really is to die for, but we ended up taking half of it home with us, as well as half the main course! Still, leftover chinese before the pub tomorrow will be nice. It was a lovely evening. And I managed to make it through the whole day mostly very happy with what I have and with only a few regrets for what's lost. Progress perhaps.

Today I'm beginning to show cold symptoms which is an arse. Ended up feeling rotten and miserable mid-afternoon what with friends getting cross at each other in my LJ, and me accidentally ending up feeling awful about my weight. Funny old world. I cheered up lots when my unproductive day took a turn-around late afternoon though, and I got some working code out of the end of it, which is always satisfying. And had a nice reasonably low-cal meal when I got home with lots of veg, go me. Or something. I doubt I can keep it up though. It's been a quiet evening with a chalet-school book and a half occupying most of it. Time for bed now, and we'll see if I've successfully set the iAudio x5 to wake me with music in the morning. Real alarm still on as backup just in case.

Hoping to get better at getting into work in the 9:15 - 9:30 window I'm supposed to be aiming for. It's definitely going to be the worst thing to tackle in the progress review meeting tomorrow. Still, the report Caroline wrote on January was quite promising. I still don't know if I wouldn't be better putting my energy into finding some other sort of work though - if it weren't for the fact I can't really afford a pay cut I'd be more tempted. Ah well, worries for another day (oops, just earwormed myself with Fraggle Rock!).

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