Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
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So the plan went off more or less as expected and Mike and I had a pleasant drink in the Mill. (A pint of Old Rosie being quite good at lasting 1.5 hours). Free curly chips were an unexpected bonus. We then headed to the Kambar at aroun 10:50, and wondered what on earth was going on - was as dead as anything, and it took til midnight before it seemed to fill up at all, by which time we'd been joined by Flo and Ernie. The music wasn't as good as it's been in the past. One or two gems, and a bunch of the usual reasonable stuff, but there was just too much that we didn't know and that we didn't care about. Still, it was nice to get out and have a bit of a dance, and they finished with a little classic run: atomic, paint it black, wild thing, teenage kicks and ever fallen in love, which perked up what might have otherwise been a bit disappointing.

Sleep at 4ish, and then we didn't wake up properly til nearly 2, and spent the next couple of hours reading and untangling crochet thread and before we knew it we were up and having lunch - at about 5:30pm. We considered the cinema but nothing grabbed us enough, and in the end we watched Little Shop of Horrors on vid followed by Casualty on the telly (amazingly two episodes about 3 weeks apart actually *is* enough to begin to get a feel for the regular characters) then headed out to stuff our faces at Chilis. Mmmm nachos. Mmm Zombies. Their food is never *quite* as good as I'd like, but it's nice to eat there once in a while. Then we headed back to Mike's, being two full for the extra 1.5 miles back to mine, and curled up and watched some more telly: Father Ted, Eurotrash and then some music telly including The Magic Numbers and a rather daft program which "proved" "scientifically" that girls make the best bass players. A good excuse to play some Pixies anyway.

Today I got up at a much more sensible hour. I came home via the shops to buy a loaf of bread, leaving Tesco with 5 carrier bags of shopping in the end. I intend to spend the rest of the afternoon nearly as lazily as I did yesterday, then meet Ernie at 6:30 for the NME awards tour gig (*bounce*) at the Cornex, followed by the afterparty at the Soul Tree. Our kind kidnapping offer has been spurned, but perhaps we'll have more luck at the club. I may be a tad over-excitable :-)

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