Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

So what have I been doing this week?

Not much. Saturday I got my hair cut, and spent the evening curled up in a chair under a sleeping bag with Mike watching DVDs on his computer (Speed and The Butterfly Effect - the latter of which my brain wouldn't stop thinking about for a couple of days). Sunday we joined Pete Clay, Acronym and Pete's friend Richard (v cute in an indie-boy way) for a drink in the Maypole and Mike cooked me roast duck for dinner - yum.

The week's been mostly quiet - too tired for clubbing on Tuesday we listened to metal from my X5 instead, enjoying ernie's compilation. Wednesday lunchtime I had a driving lesson which went well. Late Thursday lunchtime was more entertaining though, as I took part in the Heroes or Zeroes music quiz on 6music. Vic's probably my favourite radio presenter, and it was lovely to get to talk to her after I've been chatting by email for quite a while. I didn't do terribly well in the end, but I reckon there were only 3 points extra I could have got if I'd been on the ball, and even that wouldn't have been enough to get me into today's final. If you want to hear it you can get it via Listen Again from http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/ - it's 1 hour and 20 mins into Vic's show.

Last night I cooked for a change and then spent most of the rest of the evening in the terribly rock and roll pastime of trying to untangle my crochet thread. It is a knot of gordian propensities. I refuse to give in and cut it though. The weekend should be more exciting. I'm so going out clubbing tonight and I really hope people will come with me. Can't really afford Bmovie's train fare so the Kambar it is. And Sunday is the long-awaited NME tour - Maximo Park, We Are Scientists, Arctic Monkeys and The Mystery Jets. It should be really really good fun.

Tags: life, radio

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