Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Nice night in, at Tom's

Tom fed me lovely food (paté, lamb chops, and a pudding concoction of yoghurt and dried fruit), then we watched Stephen Fry travelling around Europe researching the history of his family while I did some more crochet, and headed upstairs to look at his photos of Malaysia. There being only one chair, and Tom being a chivalrous chap, resulted in this livejournal post. We also looked at Tokyo, Canada, Romania and Newport. I now have some shiny pics of buildings and a very impressive butterfly. I'm not sure quite what I plan to do with them other than look at them occasionally and go "ooh". All in all a very pleasant evening. Bed now.

Tomorrow I plan to see The Kooks at APU. It would be nice to have someone along with me if anyone's interested, but I will try make myself go anyway even if it's on my own.

Tags: life

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