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Eleanor Blair

Three(ish) memories from each place I've lived

1975-1976: Northallerton, N yorks

  • None really, but this is where I lived when I was born.

1976-1976: High Spen, Tyneside?

  • We lived in a flat for a couple of months between houses.

1976-1979: Whitton Gilbert, Co Durham

  • This is where my parents met lifelong friends Sue and Steve.
  • Still no memories, but there's a great old cine-film of a birthday party: "*please* can I have a spooo-ooon?".
  • Pictures of me pushing panda round the garden.

1979-1989: Kippax, Leeds

  • A great long back garden with a swing, bonfire parties, melting the face of the rubik's cube.
  • The bridlepath down to the old railway tracks, the stream and the woods. Blackberrying, falling in the stream, falling off bikes.
  • The new houses going in as a new cul-de-sac round the corner, and the road being lovely and smooth for rollerskating down, til they told us to go away.

1989-1999: Allerton Bywater, Castleford

  • The field out the back, chasing away the horses and sheep from eating the hedge, and watching the flood waters rise until they look like they'll come over the bank into the garden, and marvelling as they back up the drains at the end of the street.
  • The Sunday we had to use the camping stove for lunch, after a stolen boat took down powercables over the river and cut off power, and the firebrigade turning up.
  • Being staggering distance from the pub, getting drunk with Phil and JT. Pulling Phil and getting up to no good in a variety of implausible places (the river/canal bank, the study floor, the back of the cemetary, on the old railway bridge).

1994-1995: New Buildings Quad, Hertford College, Oxford (though the window looked into Holywell Quad)

  • Next door neighbour Phil being the first goth I knew, the variety of mad messages she used to get left on the messageboard by her door, from amongst others a certain Matt Marcus. And her telling me off for playing my music too loud at one o'clock. In the afternoon.
  • The evening me and Ian ended up in someone's room after the bar closed, no-one knew where to get cigarettes so they tried rolling a joint with tealeaves instead of tobacco. Would have been OK if it hadn't leaked. Them throwing up out of the first floor window.
  • Lectures in the University Museum, walking along Park Street and kicking up autumn leaves, flying paper aeroplanes from the balcony. Helen and Orla sneaking out the back onto the roof for a fag between lectures.
  • First year exams and revising in between morning and afternoon sitting on the stands at the Iffley Road sports centre, in the sunshine.

1995: Warnock House, Hertford College, Oxford (it's right on the river, just before Folly Bridge)

  • Getting very drunk at Fresher's drinks for the new mathmos. Missing part of the evening, remember getting out of taxi "yeah, yeah, I'll be fine", I don't remember getting *in*.
  • The nice dining room, with better food than main college hall, including spaghetti that didn't stick.
  • The day Ian died.

1995: New Buildings Quad again, Hertford College, Oxford

  • The day David came to visit. Listening to Fields of the Nephelim, him falling asleep in the counselling service waiting room, not realising he had a girlfriend and pulling him then agreeing to be just friends.
  • OUSFG/RPGsoc Christmas party, dancing to The Road To Nowhere, walking drunkenly back into town up Holywell St singing the Wild Pervert, with arms round people, including Matthew, who ended up coming back to mine.
  • Being staggering distance down three flights of stairs to the computer room.

1996: New Abingdon House, Hertford College, Oxford (A little further down Abingdon Road, on the right).

  • The day of the astounding thunderstorm that was being talked about in Cambridge as well as Oxford. Watching from my top floor room with the big windows open. It was a great room with a wonderful sloping wooden ceiling.
  • Borrowing a couple of champagne flutes from Helen for a Valentine's Day meal. I still have them. Oops.
  • Juggling 3 boyfriends badly, and not coping well. I loved them all, and hated cheating, but it just seemed to happen. A memorable day in Cambridge for the roleplaying varsity match and going punting with all three of them, when each knew different amounts of the truth. Chris keeping me sane(ish).

(Yes, I had three rooms in my second year, two of them in the first term)

1996-1997: Old Buildings Quad, Hertford College, Oxford

  • May Day, staying up nearly all night, then being woken by the god squad in Radcliffe Square, giving up and going to have breakfast with Becky when she called up to my room around 7:30am.
  • Election day/night: beautiful sunny day, blue strappy dress, homemade election badge (from sticker and badge machine), fake tattoo of a rose, voting for the first time in a general election, going to "The Labour Party" and knowing almost no-one. Blue lightbulbs in the conservatory. Ringing my mum around 11pm to celebrate the win in Elmet. The bottle of champagne to be opened when John Major admitted defeat. And snogging a chap called Phil I'd never met before in my life. Walking home with him in the sunshine of the dawn. He gave me his phone number but kept getting his housemates and eventually stopped calling.
  • The AFPmeet where Bryan ended up picking me and Sarah up one under each arm in the Turf. Him getting trashed on most of a bottle of Jamesons. Mobbsy being the only one who could lift him. Me, Mobbsy and Fanf sitting round in the corridor talking old computers and keeping an eye on him. Waking the next morning and Tony making coffee, before heading to G&Ds for breakfast. Bryan looking *actually* green, I've not seen someone so hungover before or since.
  • Visiting Chris out at Stav Rd, chinese takeaways and G&Ds icecream. Watching Bubblegum crisis and playing Illuminati.

1997-1998: New Abingdon House again, Hertford College, Oxford

  • Hanging out with the goths in the Harcourt Arms. Learning to like Snakebite and Black. Pistachios by the half pint mug. Cheap soup and bread. Taking up social smoking but being in denial that it doesn't count if you only steal one or two cigs a week from friends.
  • AFPmeets and people crashing in my room. Thomas Pratchett signing one of my books for me. And sleeping under the desk. Rjk not sleeping on the floor (even if the comment hadn't actually been aimed at him).
  • Spending nearly as much time in New College as Hertford, in Tom's room. Teaching him nethack. Lending him makeup and earrings :-)

1999-2001: Gilbert Road, Cambridge

  • Technically from before I moved in, but the day spent waiting for rjk's bed to be delivered, and Marisa helping me put it together and then lying on it talking. And the fun of putting together all the Billys in the living room once the others arrived back from Ikea.
  • Living in a shared house for the first time instead of home or college rooms. Enjoying sharing the cooking: mobbsy in charge of gracy, me in charge of white sauce.
  • New years party for the start of 2000. About 21 bottles of champagne: opened at midnight and all gone by about 12:30. Streamers staining the kitchen floor. Kissing everyone Happy New Year.

2001-present: Arden Road, Cambridge

  • Cycling home from work in the snow, walking down Liz Way bridge since it was steep, and finding my mudguards had filled with so much snow the back wheel wouldn't turn any more. Dragging the bike the rest of the way home, and just finding the whole thing fun rather than annoying.
  • The party that the earth.li people came along to. Belming galore, in the style of Ian Paisley. Matthew Garrett and Noodles arguing over a free debian tshirt belonging to Noodles. And the look on Noodles' face when he realised mjg really had actually taken it when he left.
  • The weekend we went to Keighley. Staying in a hotel room with Jan which was fun, the photo shoot the next day, with RHCP's By The Way on loop. Getting drunk on the train down to London, meeting people for Stay Beautiful. Getting bag searched on way in and amusement at the contents. Scary drink prices, scabbing cigs off Marna and Juliet. Staying at Marna's and for the first time getting to spend the entire night in the same bed as August, but just sleeping and talking and stress.
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