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In other news

Had a very pleasant afternoon crocheting while Mike read, and then I had a nap while he read some more, and then cooked dinner. OK so the sauce and the noodles were from packets, but combined with chicken, prawns and 8 different vegetables they made an excellent and very filling meal, lots of interesting textures. And then we settled down to watch my latest DVD from the Easy Cinema people. Which turned out to be Starship Troopers 2: it's quite thoroughly bad. But hey, the new sort of bug they find turns people into *zombies* who can act just about enough like normal people not to be noticed straight away. The good guys win. Though the way the war machine's propoganda twists the ending to make a hero to persuade even more people join the cause is quite nicely done.

I carefully didn't drink too much, since I knew I'd need to be awake and sober this morning, but Ned and Beth joined us some time after midnight and we had a pleasant gossip over a tub of icecream and some strawberries, which was cool. Got to bed around 1:30. Other than the driving I've done very little today. Pete Clay popped round early in the evening to return CDs and express sympathy over the break-in. Rjk and I had a nice coffee and natter with him anyway. Richard's gone out now, and I'm feeling somewhat lonely. Though admittedly I was while he was here too. I should eat and try get an early night. It would be nice to be on time for work more than one day this week. Though I know in the end I worked well over contracted hours.

Thinking of maybe going to see The Kooks at APU on Thursday - their single on the radio is more inspiring than their acoustic slot at the XFM gig. Perhaps I should pick up their album from Fopp. Also considering WUS on Tuesday, for what by some miracle with actually be the first time. Weird. Driving lesson Friday lunchtime. Other than that it's a pretty quiet week.

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